Squirrelbrain Laughswithdolphins (moonrose) wrote in betterbaking,
Squirrelbrain Laughswithdolphins

Wheat Crackers

So, this time it's crackers, wheat crackers specifically. Recipe is exactly from the More Food AB cookbook, so I won't reprint it. I actually DID weigh my flours out as best I could on my spring-loaded scale (no digital scale YET). The dough came together nicely, it rolled out pretty easily ... a thought though for next time. I really need to try just cutting them with cookie cutters or something so they are all the same size because I got a lot of too-cooked ones before the majority was good. Still, damn they are tasty. Much like Wheat Thins - salty and a little bit sweet. Friend of mine has offered up some fresh ground soft wheat flour, and I think I'll just have to take her up on that :D

Trying two other methods - one is cut up and docked, one is just whole and docked, rather than slicing them all into bits. Figure I can break them into peices when it's cooked if this works. mmmm wheat crackers :D

(btw, Jaye, you should have posting access now.)

Edit: Oh yeah, one big cracker was a much better way to go :D
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